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Begonvil En

Begonvil Near The Sea Terrace: Begonvil Located on the top floor of the hotel, Begonvil offers its guests the joy of being in Selimiye with its unique sea view and comfortable seating group on its spacious terrace. View Terrace sitting group Up to 4 Person 28 Photo Gallery Begonvil

Lavanta En

Lavanta Near The Sea Suit: Lavanta Lavanta Suite is located on the second floor of Massi Near The Sea Hotel as the only suite room. It is an ideal option for families with children. View Suit Room up to 4 Person 32 Photo Gallery lavanta

Yasemin En

Yasemin Near The Sea Quiet Corner: Yasemin Yasemin is one of the quiet and peaceful corners of Near The Sea, located on the second floor of the hotel. Here, guests can enjoy the tranquility and have the opportunity to rest. For 2 Person 16 View Photo Gallery Yasemin

Hanımeli and Sardunya

Hanımeli and Sardunya Near The Sea Balcony Delight: Sardunya Near The Sea Boutique Hotel’s ground floor balcony, Sardunya, is a spacious balcony designed with pastel tones and wooden touches. You can spend enjoyable time on this balcony by breathing in the fresh air of the Aegean and enjoying the view. Sardunya is designed with guests’ […]

Limon and Nar Çiceği

Limon & Nar Çiçeği Near The Sea Garden and Rooms: Lemon and Narcissus Lemon and Narcissus rooms located on the garden floor of Near The Sea Boutique Hotel are ideal options for guests who value comfort. The rooms are placed next to each other and each has its own private seating area. The seating areas […]

Ayağacı Suit Room

Suit Ayağacı Suit Room The Ayağacı Suite Room at Massi Ayağacı Boutique Hotel offers a comfortable and luxurious option for vacationers. The room features a modern design and special comfort features, including a king-size bed, a safe, a wardrobe/closet, a sofa, wooden flooring, air conditioning, a ceiling fan, and a makeup table. The suite rooms […]

Ayağacı Standard Room

Standart Room Ayağacı Standart Room The standard rooms at Massi Ayağacı Boutique Hotel provide a comfortable and cozy stay for holidaymakers. Our rooms are equipped with features such as wooden flooring, ceiling fan, air conditioning, king-size bed, safe box, wardrobe, sofa, and a vanity table to provide you with everything you need during your stay. […]