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One day in Mass

8 00 – 11 00


11 am

Boat Trip to Ayağacı Cove

12 00 – 14 00


18 00

Boat return From Ayağacı Cove

20 00


  • Our guests who stayed at Massi Near the Sea Hotel need to inform the hotel management one day in advance if they want to visit our Ayağacı facilities.
  • If the weather and sea conditions are favorable, our boat departs at 11:00 from Bozburun, picking up hotel guests and taking them to our Ayağacı facilities.
  • At our facilities, 2 beach towels and sufficient sun loungers are allocated to our guests.

Our Ayağacı Private Boat Trips

Selimiye – Ayağacı

  • round trip

    3000 TL,-*

Ayağacı – D Maris

  • round trip

    3000 TL,-*

Ayağacı – Bozburun

  • round trip

    1000 TL,-*
  • Our guests must comply with the rules communicated by the Captain during the journey on our boat.
  • Wearing a life jacket is mandatory during the journey.
  • Sitting in the designated areas indicated by the Captain is mandatory for safety reasons.
  • No more than 10 people, including the Captain, can board the boat. If the number of passengers exceeds this limit, an additional trip will be arranged.